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The Turner Family Community Entreprise Clinic allows students to represent small businesses and nonprofit organizations in a range of transactional matters, including entity formation, governance, tax, contracts, employment intellectual property, and risk management.

On April 11, 2023, the clinic assisted community organizer, Author, Poet, and Music Artist Ras Jaffee Judah and their client GROW 2 LEARN in starting a Cooperative that aims to disrupt the food system and change how Nashvillians obtain their produce.

"Keeping It Sustainable" or as he likes to call it, " Eco-Dripping" through entrepreneurship keeps the future looking bright for the young superstar Eco Leader! Check out this article and share it as a discussion piece to build awareness about GROW 2 LEARN and the great work they are doing in the community.

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01 may 2023

This big for the community and the organization bless up, God speed. #ambundance

Me gusta
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