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As the year 2024 kicks off with an impactful start, we are excited to introduce the Blkblood Voices Tribe and share our mission with you. But before we dive into rolling out new episodes, we encourage you to check out our YouTube videos and get familiar with our community.

In late 2023, a DM from an acquaintance named Bianh who caught my attention.

Joe Baze, a well-known and yet unknown figure in Nashville, TN, connected me with a bright and shining light named Bianh, also known as B. She shared with me her desire to create an anewsletter that would aid her incarcerated brother during his 27-year bid.

This unexpected encounter made me wonder why I was chosen for this opportunity and how I could ensure its success.

After giving it some thought, I invited Bianh to discuss her idea in more detail, and now, one month later, I find myself writing this blog to share this incredible opportunity to raise the vibrational energy on this earth with all of you.

The purpose of our "With Love" newsletter cycles is to cultivate a creative space for both youth and adults affected by the juvenile and prison systems. Through art and spoken word, we aim to co-create and communicate, building bridges and reminding our readers that they are not forgotten.

Our goal is to build a community-driven network of artists, both young and old, who have experienced the prison system. We want to provide them with positive reentry opportunities that allow them to build on their creative work. Starting in 2024, Blkblood Voices plans to publish four newsletters per year.

If you are an up-and-coming creative with a message for those currently locked up, we would love to hear from you.

We invite you to join us in igniting the power of creative conversations through our collaboration with Blk Blood Voices and AstroDesignsxB.

To express your interest, please provide the following information:

- Name, Number, Email, Social Media

- Artistic Submission, Head Shot

- What message do you want to convey to the men who are currently locked up from the community?

- How do you want these men to feel or what do you want them to remember?

Thank you for considering this opportunity and taking the time to submit your interest. We are excited to create a powerful platform that uplifts voices that have been silenced otherwise. Together, let's make a difference and spread love through creativity.

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