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Let's Celebrate the small wins that will lead us to a great victory! Season One of Blkblood Voices is finally complete and available now on SoundCloud. Encourage your people to tap in now because soon, these episodes will be available through a paid subscription in 2025.

Great Job, Nino, Foundation Mecca, Jimmi Mac, and Big Six, for standing on business and following through on a fantastic project. This team had several meetings, test recordings, content creation, photoshoots, and more just to come to this moment. I am proud of all the hard work, commitment, creative input, and financial support you all have put in to contribute to the best podcast for the people, with the people, and by the people.

Special thanks to all mentors and managers who consulted and advised for a successful season one of Blkblood Voices Podcast. Because of you, we could dodge some roadblocks you once encountered along the way. Special thanks to the guest who followed through King Hoody, B.4.L, Street Solid, Lo-Key Art, Mike Duece, and many others while we were on the scene this year in South Nashville, Hosting our first Block Party, which was LIT!

Season Two is already in the making; if you want to be a part of our experience, please buy your tickets to our next live recording of Blkblood Voices Podcast. Don't forget to shop and support a BLACK BUSINESS TODAY!

Thank you For Loving Yourself and Listening.

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