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Join us on September 16th between 6 pm -9 pm for an extraordinary live podcast show, showcasing the brilliance of black and brown entrepreneurs! 🎙️✨

Be a part of this empowering event as we celebrate and recognize their incredible achievements. 🙌🏽

From insightful conversations to thought-provoking discussions, prepare to be inspired and motivated by their stories of triumph and innovation. 🌟

Come and witness the creative excellence that stems from diverse communities - because representation matters! 💪🏾✊🏼

Let's create a supportive space together, honoring these talented individuals who are shaping the world of entrepreneurship! 👏🏽🌍

Don't miss out, grab your tickets now and be prepared for an unforgettable experience!

When you listen to the #BLKBLOODVOICES podcast, you’re not just supporting me, you’re supporting the cause:

✨Ensuring independent Black writers have their words heard.

✨Giving a digital high-five to up-and-coming Black talent.

✨Showing aspiring Black writers that there is a path to success.

🚨 Go check out :

MARANDA WHITTINGTON follow her @maranda.whittiting on social media. She is most known for her work on Channel news as a reporter as well as her community volunteer work in inner-city Nashville, Tn.

Graduate of Georgia State University and former employee of Big Brothers Big Sister Of America. We are honored to share the conversation with this sister. Thank You for listening.

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